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General Information

  1. What is PNB Digital Banking?

    PNB Digital Banking is the online banking channel being offered to PNB bank customers. It allows you to do your routine banking transactions like paying bills, transferring funds and inquiring about your account balance securely using your desktop/laptop/tablet computer through PNB Internet Banking or with your mobile device through the PNB Mobile Banking App.

  2. What can PNB Digital Banking do for me?

    With PNB Digital Banking, you can:

    • Monitor your account balances and transactions for your deposit accounts
    • Transfer funds between your accounts or to a third-party PNB account
    • Pay your bills
    • Order check books
    • View transaction history
    • Open and manage your UITF investments (For Internet Banking Only)
  3. Who can enroll in PNB Digital Banking?

    PNB customers with the following type of accounts can enroll in PNB Digital Banking:

    • ATM/Debit Mastercard Savings Accounts
    • Passbook Savings Accounts
    • Checking Accounts
    • Pensioner accounts (SSS/GSIS)
    • Joint/OR Accounts

    *Corporate and Joint/AND accounts are not eligible to register.

  4. Are there any fees when I do my banking transactions online?

    Registration is free of charge. However, there is a corresponding payment for doing specific transactions such as ordering check books. All other services are free until further notice.

  5. Can I still access my accounts online when I go abroad?

    Yes. You can access your accounts anywhere you go as long as you have access to a computer or mobile device with internet connection.



  1. Where can I register for a PNB Digital Banking user account?

    You can register for a PNB Digital Banking user account either through PNB Internet Banking or the PNB Mobile App.

    • For PNB Internet Banking, go to the PNB Website (www.pnb.com.ph) and click on the online banking login link in the main menu. Under Personal Account, click "Enroll Here".
    • For the PNB Mobile Banking, kindly open the app and tap Sign Up.
  2. What are the steps in registering?

    You shall have two options for registration depending on the type of account:

    1. ATM/Debit Mastercard Enrollment
      (Available for all individual ATM/Debit Mastercard accounts only)
      1. Select Account Type. Enter the Card Number and PIN of desired account to be enrolled.
      2. Enter and confirm basic account details – desired user ID, password, mobile number, and email address.
      3. Enter the 6-digit One-Time PIN sent to your registered mobile number.
      4. Login for the first time and enter the Online Activation Code sent to your registered email address.
    2. Branch Enrollment using SMS PIN
      (Available for all non-ATM, Joint/Or, Pensioner accounts and all newly opened deposit accounts)
      1. Fill out the Electronic Banking Enrollment Form (EBEF) in the nearest PNB Branch.
      2. Enter the account number, mobile number and SMS PIN sent by the branch after signing the EBEF to their registered mobile number.
      3. Enter and confirm basic account details – desired user ID, password, and account alias.
      4. Login for the first time and enter the Online Activation Code sent to your registered email address.
  3. What if I did not receive an Online Activation Code?

    You can register again using the same credentials you have previously used. The username you entered the first time may no longer be altered. The Online Activation Code shall be resent to your registered email address.

  4. Do I have to register a separate account for PNB Internet Banking and the PNB Mobile Banking app?

    There is no need to register separately. Only one username and password is needed for you to access your accounts to either PNB Internet Banking or the PNB Mobile Banking App.

  5. Can I change my username and password?

    You are only allowed to change your password. To change your password, go to "Settings → Change Password."

Branch Enrollment using SMS PIN

  1. What is an SMS PIN?

    SMS PIN is an access code that will be sent to your mobile phone. The following types of accounts shall require an SMS PIN to enroll:

    • Non-ATM accounts
    • Pensioner accounts (SSS/GSIS)
    • Joint/Or accounts
    • Newly opened ATM accounts when card number and PIN are not yet available
  2. If I am already an existing user and would like to enroll one of the above-mentioned accounts, is there a need to get an SMS PIN?

    You can add eligible accounts through PNB Mobile Add Accounts function therefore there is no need for an SMS PIN.

  3. How do I get an SMS PIN?

    You may go to the nearest PNB branch and fill out an Electronic Banking Enrollment Form. The Branch personnel shall process the enrollment to generate the SMS PIN to be sent to your registered mobile number. Once received, the SMS PIN shall be used to enroll to PNB Internet Banking or PNB Mobile Banking.

  4. How long shall it take for me to receive my SMS PIN?

    The SMS PIN shall be sent to your registered mobile number a few minutes after branch executes the required process. Delays may occur if there are network problems within the area.

  5. What if I did not receive any SMS PIN?

    You may contact the branch where you accomplished the Electronic Banking Enrollment Form and request for SMS PIN Regeneration.

  6. I have received the SMS PIN but lost my mobile device before enrolling. What should I do?

    You can contact the branch where you accomplished the Electronic Banking Enrollment Form and request for SMS PIN Cancellation.

  7. What types of accounts are not allowed for SMS PIN Enrolment/ATM Enrollment?
    • Joint/And accounts
    • Corporate Accounts

Adding of Other Accounts

Deposit Accounts
  1. How can I access my other deposit accounts?

    You can do this while logged-in:

    • Click "Add/Remove Accounts“ in the Options/Accounts Services section
    • Click "Add an account"
    • Enter the One-Time PIN (OTP) sent through your registered mobile number then click "Continue"
    • Choose desired account from the list of available accounts to be enrolled then click "Continue"
    • You shall be prompted that the account has been successfully enrolled

  2. I cannot see my desired account in the "Add an account" page.

    The following are the possible reasons:

    • Your desired account is not qualified for linking, based on the eligibility requirements mentioned in the guidelines, i.e. Joint/And accounts and Corporate Accounts
    • There might be a system issue with your desired account. Contact your maintaining branch for assistance.
Removing Selected Deposit Accounts
  1. How can I remove selected deposit accounts?
    • o After clicking "Add/Remove Accounts," you can choose the account/s for removal then click "Remove"
    • You shall be prompted that the account/s have been removed
    • Removed account/s shall no longer be displayed in the "My Accounts" page
  2. Can I add the accounts that I have just removed?

    You can restore previously removed accounts by following the steps for Add Account.


  1. How secure is PNB Digital Banking?

    It is safe and secure to transact online. You shall be authenticated via your username and password. Kindly make sure that you do not share these details to anyone. Furthermore, your transactions (sessions) are secured with the highest level of encryption (128-bit SSL) to ensure confidentiality. 128-bit is the most widely used security layer in the internet today.

  2. Can anybody else access my accounts online?

    No, unless you give out your username and password. By law, the username and password allows us to identify you as the valid owner of the account. We advise you to refrain from sharing your username and password or writing it down where people could easily see it. For additional security, we recommend that you regularly change your password. You should also make sure that your password is hard to guess.

    Here are some helpful tips in assigning an effective password:

    • The password should be alphanumeric (combination of alphabets and numbers). Combine upper and lower case characters with numbers and special characters, e.g. “hWkBu9!5@74”.
    • Use keywords that are known only to you, e.g. a favorite book, author, event, etc.; e.g. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is translated to “hpatcos.” Just add a number or date to complete the code.
    • Avoid using conventional passwords such as names and birthdays.
  3. Can my user access get blocked?

    Yes, your access shall be blocked if you’ve provided an incorrect password for three (3) consecutive times.

  4. Is it advisable to access my accounts online in public areas?

    For added security, we do not advise you to access your accounts online in public areas such as internet cafes, libraries, airport lounges or any establishments that provide use of their computers. Should you need to do so, we suggest that you change your password as soon as you reach a safe place. Also refrain from using public Wi-Fi networks as this can compromise data security.

  5. Is there a session timeout?

    Yes, being idle for 5 minutes shall log you out automatically. If you are using the PNB Mobile Banking App, you can also ensure that your mobile device is set up to passcode lock after a brief period of inactivity for added security.

  6. What should I do if my mobile device gets lost/stolen?

    You can visit your branch of account or call the bank’s customer service at (632) 573-8888 and request for removal of registered device in PNB Mobile Banking App.

One-Time PIN (OTP)

  1. What is a One-Time PIN (OTP)?

    One-Time PIN (OTP) is an additional security feature in PNB Digital Banking where a six (6) digit system generated PIN shall be sent to your mobile device. You are required to enter the OTP when performing the following:

    • Enrollment
    • Adding of other accounts
    • Fund Transfer to Third Party Account
    • Bills Payment
    • Password Reset
  2. How often should I enter the OTP for fund transfer?

    You shall be asked to enter the OTP once per session only.

  3. What happens if an OTP is not entered immediately?

    The OTP shall expire if not entered within five (5) minutes. If this happens, you may get a new OTP by clicking the "Resend OTP" button.

  4. What happens if I accidentally input a wrong OTP?

    You are only given three (3) times to input an OTP. After three (3) consecutive unsuccessful attempts, the OTP shall be considered invalid and you shall be prompted to regenerate a new OTP.

  5. How many times can I regenerate the OTP?

    You can only regenerate the OTP two (2) times. If you exceed your allowable attempts, the "Resend OTP" button shall be disabled and you shall be logged out for your security.

  6. What should I do if I did not receive the OTP?

    You may select "Resend OTP" button to regenerate a new OTP. If problem persists, kindly contact PNB Customer Care at (632) 573-8888.

  7. What should I do if I changed my mobile number?

    Please visit your branch of account to have your details updated. They shall ask for some key information to ensure that you are the rightful owner of the account. You have to fill-out the Electronic Banking Maintenance and Cancellation Form. Only then, shall the branch be able to update your details.

  8. Will I be able to receive the OTP if my registered mobile number is from an international network?

    Yes, you can receive the OTP for as long as your international service provider is supported by PNB.

  9. What is the correct format in encoding my mobile number?

    To enter your mobile number, kindly select your country code from the dropdown list and then enter your mobile number without the "0" (zero), e.g. (63 for Philippines, then if your mobile number is 09171234567, it should be 9171234567)

  10. Is the OTP free of charge?

    Yes, OTP is always free. It shall not be charged to your mobile phone bill regardless of your location and the number of times you transact online.

Account Inquiries

  1. How can I inquire about my account balance?

    Your account balances shall be instantly displayed after you have successfully logged in. You can view a detailed balance inquiry by choosing a specific account.

  2. If I have multiple PNB accounts, can I view all of them at once?

    Yes, all eligible accounts may be added through the "Add/Remove Account" Option. Once added, you shall be able to view these eligible accounts in the "MY ACCOUNTS" screen.

  3. How can I inquire on past transactions?

    You can view your past transactions by clicking on a specific account at the "MY ACCOUNTS" screen. While scrolling down, you shall be able to view up to two (2) months of your past transactions.

Paying Bills

  1. How can I pay my bills through the PNB Digital Banking?

    You can pay your bills by tapping on the "BILLS" menu. Bills Payment is not limited to your own bills; you can pay for the bills of your relatives and friends using your account.

  2. Is there a limit on the bill amount that I can settle?

    There is no limit on the bill amount as long as your available balance is sufficient.

  3. Do I need to enroll my merchant subscriber numbers in order to pay my bills online?

    You are not required to enroll your merchant subscriber numbers in order to pay your bills online. However, you are encouraged to save your subscriber numbers for your convenience, so you don't have to key in your subscriber numbers every time you pay your bills.

  4. Shall I get a confirmation receipt that my bills payment transaction is successful?

    Yes. You shall be sent an email confirmation for every successful bills payment.

  5. Can I save a biller and my subscriber number so that I don't have to input the details again the next time I pay my bills?

    Yes. Upon doing a Bills Payment transaction with a new biller, you shall be asked whether to save the new Biller's details (Biller Name, Subscriber Number and Alias) or not. You are encouraged to save the Biller's details for your convenience so you don’t have to key in the same details every time you pay your bills.

  6. Can I change or cancel a bill payment?

    Payments cannot be cancelled or changed if the transaction has been successfully processed.

  7. What is the cut-off time for bill payments?

    You can pay your bills anytime but your transaction shall be processed depending on the biller's cut-off time; assuming that they have one.

  8. Is there a fee for Bills Payment service?

    There is no fee for Bills Payment service.

  9. How do I report a Bill Payment problem?

    You can report transactional problems/errors by contacting PNB through Customer Care (632) 573-8888 / ).

Transfer of Funds

  1. How can I transfer funds through PNB Digital Banking?

    You can transfer funds by tapping on the Transfers menu. Kindly note that you may only transfer to other PNB accounts only.

  2. Is there a limit on the amount that I can transfer?

    There is no limit on the amount you may transfer as long as your available balance is sufficient.

  3. Do I need to enroll the third party PNB accounts I wish to transfer funds to?

    You are not required to enroll a third party PNB account when transferring funds. However, you are encouraged to save the account details so you don’t have to key in the account number the next time you execute a fund transfer. Note that an OTP is required to make a transfer to a third party account.

  4. Can I transfer funds from my PNB account to an account maintained at another bank?

    Funds transfer to other banks is currently not available.

  5. Can I transfer from a peso account to a foreign currency account and vice-versa?

    At present, PNB only allows fund transfer transactions between two accounts of the same currency.

  6. How fast can funds be transferred?

    The recipient shall be able to receive the funds immediately after the successful transaction of fund transfer.

  7. Can transfers be cancelled or changed?

    Transfers cannot be changed or cancelled after a successful transaction.

  8. Is there a fee for Fund Transfer service?

    The Fund Transfer service is free.

Other Services

  1. How long shall it take for me to receive my check book after requesting thru PNB Digital Banking?
    You claim the check book from your branch of account after 18 banking days.
  2. How do I contact PNB Customer Service for my inquiries and other concerns?

    You can raise your inquiries by sending us a message through the "WRITE TO US" page. You can also contact PNB through Customer Care (632) 573-8888 / ).

Common Problems Encountered

  1. What shall I do if I forgot my password?

    You can click on the "Forgot Password" option in the login page. You shall be asked to provide your username and email address. An OTP (One Time PIN) shall be sent to your registered phone number. You shall receive a temporary password in your registered email.

  2. What shall I do if I forgot my username?

    If you forgot your username, you can call PNB Customer Service at (632) 573-8888 for assistance.

  3. How do I unlock my access?

    If your access was locked due to three (3) consecutive incorrect password entries, kindly reset your password by tapping the "Forgot Password" link on the login page.

Questions Specific to PNB Internet Banking

Getting Started
  1. What are the system requirements?

    PNB Internet Banking can be accessed by any desktop/laptop/tablet computer that supports the following web browsers

    • Internet Explorer 10 and above
    • Google Chrome 24 and above
    • Mozilla Firefox 30 and above
    • Safari 6 and above
    • Opera 16 and above
Feature Unique to PNB Internet Banking


  1. What is PNB UITF Online?

    The PNB UITF Online is a full-blown UITF investment facility in PNB Internet Banking that is fully automated from enrollment up to redemption. There is no need for you to go to a PNB branch to open a UITF account. If you have a PNB current or savings account, you can invest in any PNB UITF conveniently and securely, anytime, anywhere.

  2. What are the requirements for me to enroll in UITF Online in PNB Internet Banking?

    Only existing PNB bank customers that are at least 18 years old can enroll in UITF Online. You must also have an active PNB savings or current account where the proceeds of your UITF participation shall be credited upon redemption.

  3. How do I enroll in UITF Online?
    • In the Main Menu, click "UITFs".
    • Click "Enroll in UITF Online".
    • Read and Agree to the terms and conditions of the PNB UITF Online Service Agreement and Omnibus Participating Trust Agreement.
    • Accomplish the UITF Client Suitability Assessment (CSA) Form and click Submit.
    • After submission, you shall be shown your investor profile and the recommended UITF products based on the overall assessment of your response to the questions in the CSA.
    • Read and Agree to the terms and conditions of the General Risk Disclosure Statement.
    • Nominate your settlement account. You must nominate a peso settlement account if you intend to invest in a peso-denominated UITF or a dollar settlement account if you want to invest in a dollar-denominated UITF.
    • Survey Page (optional)
    • You shall be prompted that your UITF Online enrollment has been completed.
  4. If I have an existing UITF participation that was participated in the branch, can I enroll it in UITF Online?

    Yes. Once your UITF Online enrollment has been completed, you shall be asked if you wish to enroll your existing UITF participation in the UITF Online.

    If you click YES, you are required to input and submit the following details found in your Confirmation of Participation (COP) issued by your maintaining branch:

    • COP Number
    • Account Name
    • Fund Name
    • Date of participation
    • Principal
    • Branch Name
    • NAVPU on date of participation
    • Number of units

    You can also enroll your existing UITF placement at some later time by clicking on "Enroll Existing UITF Placements" in the submenu.

    Note: Your old COP will be invalidated and will be replaced by an electronic COP. All enrolled UITF participations can only be redeemed via online. You can no longer go to the branch and redeem the said participation.

  5. How shall I know if the enrollment of my existing UITF placement is successful?

    PNB Trust Banking Group shall process your request within the 24-hour commitment period (exclusive of regular, special non-working and other holidays and weekends). Once approved, your enrolled existing UITF placement shall appear in your account portfolio in PNB Internet Banking.

  6. How do I make a direct investment to a UITF product in PNB Internet Banking?

    Once you have been enrolled to UITF Online, you may already start investing.

    • In the UITF Menu, select "Make an Investment"
    • Select the UITF product you wish to invest
    • Agree to the Specific Risk Disclosure Statement
    • Select your Source Account and enter the amount you wish to participate (Principal). Must be at least the minimum investment amount of the fund. Click Continue.
    • Click Continue once you have confirmed your investment details.
    • You shall be prompted that your UITF investment transaction is complete. You shall receive an email once your Confirmation of Participation (COP) containing details of your placement becomes available.
  7. What if I am already enrolled but I currently do not have enough funds to make a direct investment?

    You can still participate through the Auto Investment Plan (AIP). A Trust Savings Account (TSA) is automatically created by the system upon AIP subscription. Your funds shall temporarily be lodged in the TSA which shall automatically be swept/debited for automatic investment to a UITF of choice once it reaches the required threshold amount. AIP is available to selected UITF products.

    Any outstanding balance in the TSA shall be swept to the chosen UITF.

  8. Can I be able to redeem my UITF Participation in PNB Internet Banking?

    Yes. All UITF Participations enrolled in PNB Internet Banking can be redeemed online. Redemptions can either be in terms of amount or in terms of units. Note that redemption requests received within the cut-off time of 11:00AM shall be considered as transaction for the day.

Questions Specific to the PNB Mobile Banking App

Getting Started
  1. What are the system requirements?

    The PNB Mobile Banking App can be downloaded on mobile devices that support the following operating systems:

    • Apple® Devices with iOS 9.0 and above
    • Android™ powered devices (Kitkat up to Nougat)
  2. If my iPhone/Android phone is jailbroken/rooted, can I still be able to use the PNB Mobile Banking App?

    You shall not be able to login your PNB Mobile Banking App account. However, you can still access the "Prelogin" features of the app which includes: ATM/Branch Locator, Promotions Guide, FX Rates, etc.

  3. How can I download PNB Mobile Banking App?

    You can download the PNB Mobile Banking App for free at the App Store® or Google Play™. You can find the app by typing in "PNB Mobile Banking App" in the search bar. Download time shall depend on the speed of your internet connection.

  4. If I don't want to use the mobile app, can I access the PNB Internet Banking on my mobile browser?

    Yes, you can access PNB Internet Banking using your mobile browser but we highly recommend that you download and use the PNB Mobile Banking app.

Device Registration
  1. Can I use an alternate mobile device to access my account?

    Yes, you can register a maximum of two (2) devices to access your account in PNB Mobile Banking App.

  2. Can I switch to a new device if I already have two (2) registered mobile devices?

    Yes, you can delete a registered mobile device by going to the "Settings" → Registered Device → Remove."

  3. If I have no access to my registered mobile device/s and I need to transact using the app, what can I do?

    You can call Customer Care at (632) 573-8888 or the branch of account and ask them to execute a "Reset Device". This allows you to sign in your PNB Mobile account using a different device. You can also access your PNB Internet Banking account through the PNB website (http://www.pnb.com.ph).

  4. Does the PNB Mobile app work on a tablet?

    Yes, the PNB Mobile Banking App works on Android tablets and the Apple iPad.

App Updates
  1. How can I update the PNB Mobile app?

    You can update the app through the App Store or Google Play by tapping "Update" beside the PNB Mobile logo. Kindly ensure that you have internet connection and ample device memory space before updating.

  2. Is there a need for me to re-enroll my user account after updating the app?

    There is no need to re-enroll. You can login in the same manner as before (using same credentials).

Features Unique to the PNB Mobile Banking App

Touch ID

  1. What is Touch ID?

    Touch ID is an alternative way of logging in to your account with the PNB Mobile Banking App by using your fingerprint for devices that support the Touch ID feature. Simply tap the fingerprint symbol beside the "Password" box and place your finger on the fingerprint scanner of your device to access your account.

  2. How shall I activate Touch ID in my PNB Mobile Banking App?

    First, make sure that your fingerprint is already registered in your mobile device. Once this is done, you can log in to your account and head to "Settings". Tap "Touch ID" and swipe the button to the right. You can now use your fingerprint when logging in. To disable, simply swipe the "Touch ID" button to the left.

  3. If my fingerprint gets rejected, is there another way to log in?

    You can still log in by using your username and password. Enabling the Touch ID shall not interfere with the regular log in method.

  4. Shall my fingerprint be stored in PNB’s database?

    Your fingerprints shall not be stored in the App or in PNB's Database. It shall only be stored on the device.

Quick Balance

  1. What is Quick Balance?

    It is a feature in the PNB Mobile Banking App in which you can be able to instantly view a snapshot of your account balances without even having to login to the app.

  2. Can I be able to view my transaction history in Quick Balance?

    You can only be able to access the current balance of your account. If you wish to view your transaction history or do other financial transactions, you need to login to the app.

  3. How do I activate Quick Balance?

    Log in to the app then go to "Settings → Quick Balance". Select the account(s) you wish to activate.

  4. How do I access Quick Balance?

    Once activated, you can click on "Quick Balance" below the PNB Mobile App login page.

Other Features

  1. What are the other features of the PNB Mobile Banking App?

    The following features are available for you without even having to login to the app:

    • Locate Us – Find the nearest PNB branch or ATM in your location. Ensure that your Location settings in your mobile device is activated.
    • Products – Learn more about PNB's deposit, loan and credit card products
    • Promotions – Check out the latest bank and credit card promotions.
    • FX Rates – Get the latest foreign exchange rates
    • Contact Us – Know how to reach us through phone, email or even via Skype.