Get access to your cash and to banking transactions any time of the day through PNB’s nationwide network of ATMs.

Locate a PNB ATM

What you can do?

For PNB ATM cards:

  • Withdraw cash from your deposit account
  • Inquire your account balances
  • Transfer funds immediately to any PNB account or an account maintained at Bancnet member banks. Please click here to view list of banks
  • Pay your bills
  • Reorder checkbooks

For Other banks’ ATM cards and Credit Cards:

  • Withdraw cash from your ATM accounts affiliated with Bancnet, Megalink, and Expressnet networks
  • Inquire your account balances
  • Get a cash advance using your VISA card with PLUS logo (at the back of the card)


How to get a PNB ATM card     

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