Global Filipino Auto Loan

Do you want to get a car for your family while working abroad?
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Own a Philippine Home Loan (OPHL)

Pambili Ng Bahay?  With PNB owning a lot, a house and lot or a condo unit in the Philippines has never been easier.

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Applications forms: Japan | L.A. | N.Y.

PNB Pangarap

If you are working in Italy, Singapore, or Hong Kong, find out how you can avail of this multi-purpose PNB Pangarap Loan.

Italy, Singapore and Hongkong PNB Branches only.

PNB Global Filipino Funds

Invest your hard-earned money

If you are an OFW who wants to accumulate your hard-earned money to buy a new home, educational plans for your children or other future needs of your family, the PNB Global Filipino Punla Funds is just for you. This is the only investment fund in the market today which is specifically designed to meet the investment needs of OFWs like you and your beneficiaries.

Now is the time to reap the rewards and invest in your future.

Deposit Board Rates

Please be advised of the changes in deposit board rates of Dollar Time Deposit and Prime Savings account. The changes shall take effect on January 1, 2014.

Fees and Charges

Please be advised of changes in our fees/charges & maintaining balance requirements given the need to align the same following the merger of PNB and Allied Bank last February 2013. The changes as applicable shall take effect on January 1, 2014.

Internet Banking

A new security feature will now be in place.

Effective May 8, 2014, we are implementing a new added security feature for your Funds Transfer transaction to a 3rd party account. A One-Time Password (OTP) which consists of 6 alpha numeric characters will be sent via SMS to your registered mobile number to complete your transaction. Kindly ensure that your mobile number is updated with us for you to be able to perform funds transfer transaction to a 3rd party account.

To update your mobile number:

• Clients based in the Philippines may download the maintenance form* and personally submit it to your branch of account together with one (1) valid ID.

• Overseas clients may download the maintenance form* and submit it together with a photocopy of any valid ID directly to your branch of account through regular mail.

Thank you for using PNB Internet Banking.

*Application forms can be downloaded from the PNB Internet Banking page.

Note: PNB will NEVER ask our customers to submit any personal information via ONLINE LINK.


Bank Merger

As PNB and Allied Bank continue to align their services. We are pleased to announce that PNB branches that display the interbranch transaction advisory are now capable of processing selected transactions for former Allied Bank clients. Please proceed directly to the special lanes designated for Allied Bank transactions.

Amendments in the PNB UITF's

Effective October 1, 2013, the product features of various PNB UITF's will be amended. For more details, please click this here