Remittance Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest way to of remitting to my family?

  1. Remittance via Online
  2. via Phone
  3. via counter (cash)
  4. via standing order

How long does it take?

For PNB accounts it will be same day in the UK. Because Philippine time is 8hours ahead of UK, the funds will sometimes not appear this would seem to be the same day.

For Non-PNB accounts: 2-3 working days.
*if remittances gets delayed, this is usually because of a problem with our direct line connection to the Philippines.

Does your Door-to-Door remittance service covered the whole of Philippines?

Metro Manila: Mostly Yes Due to reported untoward incidents these areas are will be covered, until further notice. Please check this site every now and then for any changes.

Critical List Areas

  1. bagong silang north caloocan
  2. barangay deparo north caloocan
  3. nitang ave. novaliches quezon city
  4. amparo subdivision north caloocan
  5. barangay pangarap north caloocan
  6. barangay tala north caloocan
  7. barangay bagumbong north caloocan

Provincial: Mostly Yes Similar to Metro Manila some areas may not be accessible by our couriers, or it maybe the area is classified a critically unsafe, alternatively they can go to the nearest PNB in their area.

Critical List Area (click to download list, PDF file)

What will I do if there's an amendment/s (error) to my remittance?

Fill out our remittance amendment form. There is a £10 administrative charge for any amendments made.

To download the form, click here.


To our Valued Clients,

Enjoy real-time posting of your contributions to your SSS records. Simply present a valid PRN (payment reference number) when making contribution payments.

Please visit for more information on the SSS payment process.

Thank you.


As part of our efforts to serve you better,PNB continues to enhance our systems. We shall inform customers of any scheduled system enhancement activity.

For concerns or inquiries, you maycontact your PNB overseas branch.

Thank you for banking with PNB.



Please be advised that our remittance charges for all debit card transactions has now changed. Click on the Remittance Charges link under the REMITTANCE Tab of our homepage for details.

Thank you.