Own a Philippine Home Loan or OPHL is a financing program unique to PNB. It allows Filipinos and non-Filipinos residing and working in Singapore an easy way to obtain a bank financing of residential properties in the Philippines.

OPHL is the most convenient and secured home loan with:


  • Purchase of residential lot, House & Lot, Condominium, Townhouse or Rowhouse
  • House Construction or Home Improvement
  • Reimbursement of acquisition or construction Cost
  • Refinancing / Loan take out of existing Philippine home loan
Eligible Borrowers
  • Filipinos residing and working in Singapore
  • Natural-born Filipinos residing and working in Singapore who have lost their Filipino citizenship (limited to the purchase of up to a maximum lot area of 1,000 sqm only).
  • Foreigners, but limited to the acquisition of condominium units only
  • Borrower's gross annual salary should be at least SGD 48,000.00
  • Borrower's Total Debt Servicing Ratio must not exceed 60% of Gross Monthly Income
Loanable Amount
Property to be financed Loan value
Lot and Brand new house Up to 80% of the selling price or appraised value (AV)
Lot only Up to 60% of the selling price or appraised value (AV)
Lot and existing (pre-owned/second-hand) improvement or lot with proposed improvement/construction Up to 80% of the AV of the property
Reimbursement of acquisition/construction cost Up to 80% of the selling price or AV
Loan take-out Up to 80% of the AV of the property

Note: Foreigners are entitled to a maximum loan grant up to 70%.

  • The loan shall be secured by Real estate mortgage (REM) on the property being financed
Interest Rate
Manner of Release

    The proceeds of the loan may be released in Philippine PESO for purchase/acquisition transactions or in US Dollars for house construction in the following manner:

  • Lump sum release for purchase of property, refinancing or reimbursement
  • Staggered loan releases shall have an aggregate amount of up to eighty percent (80%), except on the first release wherein the basis shall be seventy percent (70%) of the AV of the lot. Loan releases shall be up to a maximum of five (5) drawdowns which shall be made at the following stages of completion:
Loan Release Stage of Project Completion
First/Initial Release Start of the construction/improvement (below 30% completion)
Second Release Thirty percent (30%) completion
Third Release Sixty percent (60%) completion
Fourth Release Ninety percent (90%) completion
Repayment Scheme
  • Maximum of 25 years for purchase of house and lot, townhouse condominium unit, rowhouse or apartment unit and house construction.
  • Maximum of 10 years for purchase of lot or home improvement.
  • Repayment of your loan shall be in US dollars or the local currency where the overseas branch is located. This shall be paid directly to the overseas branch either through submission of post-dated checks or a debit arrangement.
  • Payment commence one month after the final loan release.
  • For staggered releases, interest accruing on the initial release shall be deducted from the proceeds of second release. Additional interest due on the first release and interest accruing on the second release shall be deducted from the third release and so on. Consolidation of staggered PNs (Principal + interest) payment shall commence one month after final release.
  • Mortgage Redemption insurance depending on the amount of the loan shall be secured by the principal borrower prior to loan release and shall be renewed every year thereafter at an amount based on the outstanding loan balance.
  • Fire insurance coverage should be equivalent to the latest appraised value of the insurable property or on the contact price as indicated on the Contract to Sell.

OPHL Requirements:

Application/Identity Documents

  • OPHL Application Form
  • Singapore issued Identification Card
  • Philippine Passport (if applicable) and latest passport picture
  • Marriage Contract (if applicable)
  • Credit Bureau Report from Credit Bureau Singapore. Log-on to (yearly submission)
  • A non-refundable processing fee of USD150.00 will be collected once the processing of the loan application starts.

Income Documents

  • Certificate of Employment stating salary rate, position and length of employment
  • Latest two (2) years Income Tax Return (ITR) from the Inland Revenue of Singapore (IRAS)
  • Pay slip for the last two (2) months
  • Bank Deposit Statements and Loan Account(s) Statement (ie Housing, Vehicle, Credit Cards, Cash/Personal Loans with outstanding balance (if applicable) for the last three (3) months

Collateral Documents

  • Copy of title (TCT/CTC)
  • Copy of Tax Declaration on land and/or improvement
  • Copy of current Real Estate Tax Receipt (RETR) and Tax Clearance
  • Approved survey/lot plan (signed by Geodetic Engineer)/location plan with vicinity map
  • Acquisition from accredited Developers

  • Contract to Sell; or Reservation Agreement with Computation Sheet / statement of account

House Construction or Renovation:

  • Bill of Materials and Estimates of Construction and Labor Cost signed by Civil Engineer or Architect
  • Floor and Building Plan and Building Specifications signed by Civil Engineer or Architect

Click here to download the OPHL Application Form.

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New Cut-off Time for 'Same-Day Credit to Other Bank' Remittance effective March 17, 2020

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Further details and step by step procedures is available under the Remittance services.

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