Products and Services

Own a Philippine Home Loan (OPHL)

Own-A-Philippine-Home Loan or OPHL is a financing program which is offered only by PNB. It allows Filipinos and non-Filipinos residing and working in Guam an easy way to obtain bank financing of residential real estate in the Philippines.

PNB U.S. Direct Deposit Pensioner Account

It is an interest-earning savings account with lower maintaining balance and service charges for U.S. pensioners. The pension/benefit payments are directly credited to the accounts and are supported by a passbook. Withdrawals can only be done by the account owner.

Overseas Bills Payment (OBP)

This allows OFWs to pay their bills in the Philippines. Clients can pay for their SSS and PAG-IBIG contribution and loan payments, real estate down payment and monthly amortization, insurance, and credit card, among others.

OFW Savings Debit Mastercard Account (Facilitation)

This is a regular savings account that can be accessed through a debit card enabled for POS transactions and online purchases.

OTC Buying/Selling of Japanese Yen/USD

Buy and sell Japanese Yen and US Dollars at competitive rates, with minimum sell/purchase of JPY1,000, and no service fee. Strictly no reservations. Walk-ins are on a first come first serve basis. Please bring any of these valid IDs: Driver's License, Passport,State ID.