General Services

Cashier's Order
Issue/repurchase a HK dollar cashier's orderHK$ 50
Stop payment (additional HKD 300.00 for payment to HKICL on the issuance of the related circulars) HK$ 100
Coins changing/withdrawal/exchange to notes
For 0.10 and 0.20 cents HK$ 1 for every HKD 20
Others HK$ 1 for every HKD 50
Bulk cash deposit - Hong Kong dollar notes
Fee will be based on whichever of the two conditions below is higher
Up to 200 pieces of notesWaived
Over 200 pieces of notes 0.20% of the full amount (minimum HK$50)
Bulk cash deposit - Hong Kong dollar coins
Over 500 coins 2.0% of the full amount (minimum HK$50)
Bulk cheque deposit transaction (per customer per day)
Up to 15 transactions Waived
Over 15 transactions HK$1 per additional transaction
USD Demand Drafts
Issue a US dollar demand draft HK$ 100
Stop-payment HK$ 300
Re-purchased HK$ 100
Amendment HK$ 100
Notes exchange
Sale/Purchase of currency notes for non-account holders HK$ 100
Request for Banker's Report
Account address confirmation HK$ 100
Bank balance confirmation HK$ 200
Request for Banker's Certificate
HK-based deposit account HK$ 80
Remitter of the PNB HK$ 80
Request for document copies
Account history report
- any account within three calendar years HK$ 200
- each additional calendar year over three years (up to seven calendar years)HK$ 100
Copies of deposit/withdrawal slips, vouchers,etc.
- any item within one calendar yearHK$ 140
- each additional calendar yearHK$ 140
Standing Instructions
To set up, amend or stop payment instructionsHK$ 70
Checks for Collection
PHP / HKD / USD Checks - per checkHK$ 50