Cash Mover

If your company needs to deposit large sums of cash, and requires the convenience and security of a collection service, then Cash Mover is for you. Cash Mover minimizes your delivery and administrative costs, and guarantees the safety of your funds.

How It Works

  1. Advise PNB of your preferred pick-up schedule
  2. PNB roving tellers will collect your funds on your pre-defined schedule
  3. Roving tellers return to the bank and credits the collection to your account


  • Flexible Schedule.Deposit pick-up is based on your preferred schedule
  • Security.All trips are supervised by our bank tellers and armed security staff on board an armored vehicle
  • Funds Availability.Cash collected for the day will be credited to your account on the same day, while checks are for credit the following day
  • Nationwide Coverage.Enjoy the widest coverage area for servicing through PNB’s more than 700 online branches