Pay your vendors and/or suppliers electronically via direct credit to a PNB account. No need to issue and distribute checks for payment of goods purchased or services rendered. Financial obligations are settled via account to account transfer with corresponding Payment Advice sent to the Payee’s registered email address for their ready reference.

How It Works

  1. Your vendors and/or suppliers shall be required to open a PNB account.
  2. Prepare your payment file and send it to us electronically via PNB C@shNet.
  3. Your account will be debited for the full amount and the funds distributed to the account of the Payees upon receipt of your payment instruction.
  4. Once the account has been credited, Payment Advice will be generated and sent to the Payee’s registered email address.
  5. To keep you updated on the status of your payment, you may view, print, and download payment status reports in different formats.


  • Comprehensive Solution
    • Computes withholding and value added taxes
    • Generates Withholding Tax Certificate (BIR 2307) with digitized signature
    • Captures Invoice and Tax Details
  • Electronic Workflow. Sending and approval of payment transactions are done electronically
  • Future Dating Capability. Able to warehouse post dated payment transactions
  • Payee Maintenance. Provides option to register payees to prevent unauthorized payment