By identifying the parent account and the satellite account among your enrolled account numbers, you can program instructions to automate the transfer of funds between your accounts. PNB C@shNet will automatically do the transfer based on your instructions.

Sweep and Sweep Back

Sweep – By setting up a limit amount on your satellite accounts, any excess on your specified limit will be transferred to your parent account on a scheduled basis.

Sweep back – You can also set a specific amount to be transferred from your parent account to your satellite accounts.

Enhanced Features

  • Forecasting – The system will allow you to foresee real-time the amount/s that would be transferred from your parent to your satellite accounts and vise versa by calculating the exact amounts of transfer prior to the actual Sweep and Sweepback schedules.
  • Adhoc Execution – To support your changing needs, PNB C@shNet provides you with option to perform the sweep and sweepback ahead of the actual schedule.