Settle your Meralco bill with ease through automatic debit arrangement to your PNB account. Enroll one-time and never miss a due date again!

How It Works

  1. Visit your PNB maintaining branch, accomplish and submit the Meralco ADA form.
  2. Every due date, your deposit account will be automatically debited and the payment will be credited real-time to Meralco’s deposit account.
  3. A payment status update will be sent to your nominated email address.


  • Convenience. One-time set-up is all it takes to automate your monthly payments to Meralco.
  • Cost Savings. No need to send your messenger to payment centers to settle your bills every time.
  • Security. Payments are processed electronically and you will receive email notification when your account has been debited.
  • Comprehensive. lf you are an Authorized Withholding Agent of the BlR, the Withholding Tax Certificate (BlR 2307) with your digitized signature will be automatically generated and sent to Meralco.
  • Free. There are no fees and charges!