Paywise Plus

PayWise PLUS is our state-of-the-art payroll solution which comes with a fully-equipped payroll system that will automate key areas of the human resource and payroll processing (e.g. employee information, payroll computation, timekeeping, etc.) It can manage confidential employee information and can automatically compute earnings & deductions with report generating capability. Your employees’ salaries are electronically transferred to their accounts thus providing utmost convenience.

How It Works

  1. A payroll system will be installed at your workstation
  2. Prepare your payroll file and send it to us electronically via PNB C@shNet.
  3. The payroll file will be automatically processed and the employees’ accounts credited.
  4. Your employees can now withdraw from any of the ATM networks nationwide at their convenience. Withdrawal from a non PNB ATM is subject to service charge.
  5. To keep you updated on the status of your payment, you may view, print, and download payment status reports in different formats.


  • Comprehensive Solution. An end-to-end payroll solution that simplifies human resource and payroll activities of any company
  • Utmost Performance. Shortens processing time and ensures timely remittance of salary and other remunerations
  • Paperless. Reduces manual process and paper clutter in monitoring employee movement & performance, computation of net earnings, generation of remittance files & reports, approval of transactions, distribution of salaries, tracking & reconciliation
  • Accurate. Lessens probability of error since manual processing is reduced. Regulatory deductions are computed in accordance with government regulations and generally accepted human resource practices and standards
  • Safe. Employee salaries are never lost or stolen since it does not involve physical exchange of money.
  • Electronic Data Transfer. Submission of payroll file may be done electronically thereby eliminating physical delivery of diskettes and instructions
  • Funds Availability. Immediately credits to employees’ payroll account upon receipt of payment instruction
  • Instant Return. Immediately credits back the company’s payroll mother account in case credit to employees’ account is unsuccessful
  • Nationwide Coverage. Employees may open their Payroll Savings Account at any of the Bank’s more than 700 online branches