The PNB US Direct Deposit Program is a service where the pension/benefit payments of the pensioners/beneficiaries of US Federal Agencies (e.g. Social Security, Veterans Administration, Investments, Retirement Benefits, Union Pensions and Other Services) are directly credited to their accounts maintained with any PNB domestic branch nationwide using the Fedline System of PNB Guam and PNB Los Angeles.

Account can only be supported by a PASSBOOK. Withdrawals can only be done at the maintaining branch. Joint account opening is also not allowed. The account shall be opened solely under the name of the eligible customer.

Product Features:
  • Interest-earning account*
  • Monitor account by updating the passbook
  • Account can be opened at any PNB Branch nationwide using the facilitation services of PNB Guam Branch and PNB Los Angeles.
  • Available in Peso or Dollar currency

* For Direct Deposit Peso account, ADB must be Php 5,000.00 to earn interest. For Direct Deposit Dollar account, ADB msut be $1,000.00 to earn interest.

The PNB US Direct Deposit Program is available at all PNB branches nationwide and thru the facilities of PNB Guam (Routing No. 121405199); PNB Los Angeles (Routing No. 122038756); and, PNB New York (Routing No. 02-600-3007).

Requirements for Account Opening:

  • USTW checks, US Social Security ID, Letter from the US Federal Agencies
  • 2 photo-bearing government issued IDs (e.g., driver’s license, SSS/ GSIS ID, voter’s ID, PRC license, passport)
  • 2 ID pictures (1×1 or 2×2)
  • Accomplished Client Information Form, Account Information Form, Signature Card and Conditions Form

Required Initial Deposit:
Peso account – Php 100.00
Dollar account – $200.00

Direct Deposit Program Fees and Charges

Balance Requirement
  Peso Dollar
Initial Deposit Php 100.00 $ 200.00
Minimum Maintaining Balance Php 100.00 $ 200.00
Minimum ADB to Earn Interest Php 5,000.00 $ 1,000.00
Interest Rate 0.100% p.a.
Effectivity Date: February 1, 2015
0.100% p.a.
**Dormancy Fee Php 30.00  $ 0.50
Other Charges
  Peso Dollar
Passbook Replacement Php 100.00 $ 5.00
Average Daily Balance (ADB) of the account falls below the required minimum monthly ADB for at least two (2) consecutive months. Php 55.00 $ 10.00

** Dormancy fees on a dormant deposit accounts shall be collected when:
– 5 years after the last activity and
– If the balance falls below the required minimum maintaining balance.

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