PNB Euro Savings Account is a passbook-based, Euro-denominated savings account that earns interest.

Product Features:

  • Interest-earning account*
  • Monitor account by updating the passbook
  • Deposit/Withdraw at PNB’s extensive branch network nationwide

    *ADB must be € 500.00 to earn interest

Requirements for Account Opening:

  • 2 photo-bearing government issued IDs (e.g., driver’s license, SSS/ GSIS ID, voter’s ID, PRC license, passport)
  • 2 ID pictures (1×1 or 2×2)
  • Accomplished Client Information Form, Account Information Form, Signature Card and Conditions Form

Required Initial Deposit: € 500.00

PNB Euro Savings Account Fees and Charges

Balance Requirement
Initial Deposit € 500.00
Minimum Maintaining Balance € 500.00
Minimum ADB to Earn Interest € 500.00
Interest Rate 0.100% p.a
Dormancy 2 years
Dormancy Fee none
Record of Transactions Upon request
Other Charges
Passbook Replacement $ 5.00
Average Daily Balance (ADB) of the account falls below the required minimum monthly ADB for at least two (2) consecutive months. € 5.00
Interbranch/interoffice Foreign Currency deposit transactions:
  • Metro Manila to Metro Manila Branches
  • Metro Manila to Provincial Branches
  • Provincial to Provincial Branches
  • Provincial to Metro Manila Branches

  • None
  • Php 100.00
  • Php 100.00
  • Php 100.00
Interbranch/interoffice Foreign Currency withdrawal transactions and On-Us Check Encashment (regardless of amount) Php 200.00
Foreign Currency Fund Transfer, Cash and Check Deposit transactions made between and among the following branches –
  • Bantayan, Maranding, Larena, Gumaca, Bulan, Tagbiliran, Bayawan, Tagum, Buug and Ipil Branches
1/4 of 1% transaction amount of Php 100.00, whichever is higher

The PNB Euro Savings Account is available in select PNB branches nationwide. Click here to see the list.