1. How do we apply for PNB’s Sure Home Loan?
    • Fill out and sign the application form completely
    • Submit complete requirements together with the application form to your nearest PNB Branch
  2. I am a Filipino working abroad, can I apply for a housing loan?
    • Yes. You may opt to submit your loan application form and requirements at our PNB Branches outside the Philippines (please refer to our list of PNB Branches) or at any PNB Branch in the Philippines.
    • If applying in the Philippines, you should have a co-borrower based in the Philippines.
  3. What fees do I have to pay?
    • An application/appraisal fee has to be paid upon submission of the application form & complete requirements

      Upon approval of the loan the following loan charges will be charged:
      • Mortgage Registration fee
      • Processing Fee
      • Mortgage Redemption Insurance Premium
      • Fire/ Lightning/ Earthquake Insurance Premium (for collateral with improvements)
  4. I am formerly a Filipino citizen and now a citizen of another country, can I still apply for a housing loan?
    • Yes.
  5. I am a Filipino relying mainly on a foreigner-spouse, can I still apply for a housing loan?
    • Yes, but your spouse’ income should come from employment here in the Philippines.
    • On a case to case basis, if based abroad, we should be able to verify the submitted proof of income via our overseas offices. Income considered is only from employment.
  6. I am separated, can I apply for a housing loan?
    • If you are legally separated and can submit certificate of finality of court decision of your separation, we can process the loan without requiring your estranged spouse to sign on all loan documents. However, if you are not legally separated, your estranged spouse has to sign on all the loan documents
  7. If I am applying for a construction loan, how will it be released to me?
    • For construction loan and major home improvement, the release is on a staggered basis. The loan release will be in accordance with the required percentage completion of the building. Construction period is only for one (1) year, otherwise, the Bank has the option to call your loan due and demandable