The PNB Global Filipino Funds are money market funds specifically designed to meet the investment needs of our Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW’s) and their beneficiaries. It provides them with an outlet to accumulate their savings for the purchase of a new home or educational plans for their children or other future needs of their families. These funds are suited for conservative clients who want an investment strategy where the primary objectives is to prevent the loss of principal at all times and where the fund is invested purely in deposit instruments.

 PNB Global Filipino Peso Money Market FundPNB Global Filipino Dollar Money Market Fund
Min. Initial Participation P5,000 $100
Min. Additional Participation P5,000 $100
Min. Maintaining Participation P5,000 $100
Min. Holding Period 5 banking days 30 calendar days
Trust Fee 0.5% p.a. of Fund Value 0.5% p.a. of Fund Value
Issuance of Confirmation of Participation / Participating Trust Agreement After 1 Banking Day
Release of Proceeds Same Day After 1 Banking Day
Cut-Off Time for Participations and Redemptions 12NN 11AM
NAVPU Publication After 4PM
Early Redemption Fee 50% of Income Earned, if any
Investment Horizon 1 Year of Less
Investor Risk Profile Conservative
Valuation Accrual
Investment Outlets Bank deposits and all other deposit instruments that the BSP may allow
Benchmark Moving average of the Philippines 30 Day Special Savings Rate General Average, net of taxes. Moving average of the average one month time deposit rate quoted by 3 banks, net of taxes.

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All funds/accounts managed by PNB Trust Banking Group (Trustee) are Trust and/or Investment Management funds which DO NOT carry any guaranty of income or principal, and are NOT covered by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC). Due to the nature of the investments, potential yield cannot be guaranteed It is also possible for the investments and their income to fluctuate as a result of prevailing market conditions. Past performance is likewise not a guarantee of future results. Any loss or income is for the account of the Trustor/s. The Trustee is not liable for losses except upon fraud, gross negligence or bad faith.