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PNB adheres to the highest principles of good corporate governance as it subscribes to the philosophy of integrity, accountability, and transparency in the manner of doing business.

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General Information

  1. What is PNB Phone Banking Service (PBS)?

    PNB Phone Banking is an additional way for you to transact business with us using your regular telephone. It’s a 24X7 banking service which facilitates automated customer interface for account-related inquiries, requests, and transactions; for call-routing to customer care agents; and for various product inquiries and other services.

  2. Why should I use PNB Phone Banking?

    PNB Phone Banking is one of the alternative ways offered to PNB account holders for many routine over-the-counter banking activities. Simply grab a phone to pay your bills, transfer funds and inquire about your account balance.

    PBS offers convenience at no additional cost. You need not spend time and money to go to the bank. You can also avoid long queues in the branch so your time will be well-utilized. PBS allows you to do your banking transactions even after the regular banking hours. The facility also provides information on new product offerings of the Bank on deposits, credit cards, loans, insurance, electronic banking services and other products.

  3. What can PNB Phone Banking do for me?

    With PNB Phone Banking, you can:

    • Check your account balance
    • Inquire your last transactions
    • Transfer funds immediately to family and friends
    • Pay your bills – fast, easy and free
    • Order checkbooks without going to the bank
    • Request for a copy of your statement of account which can be sent through email
  4. What accounts can I enroll in PNB Phone Banking?

    You may enroll your Peso and Dollar Checking/Savings Account and Term Deposit Account.

    However, only active accounts may be enrolled. Dormant accounts cannot be enrolled in any of our electronic banking facilities. If you want to know how to lift the dormant status of your account, please contact your maintaining branch.

  5. Who can enroll in PNB Phone Banking?

    The use of Phone Banking is specifically designed for individuals/retail clients (including sole proprietorship accounts).

    Joint "and/or" and "or" accounts may also be enrolled in any of the electronic banking services while joint "and" accounts are not allowed. Any one or all members of the joint "and/or" or "or" account may individually file an enrollment in Internet and Mobile Banking. On the other hand, only one of the depositors is allowed to enroll the joint account in Phone Banking.

    Partnership accounts and corporate clients may enroll their accounts but thru another electronic channel called Corporate Internet Banking. Please contact your Account Officer or your maintaining branch to assist you in the enrollment process. Please click here to learn more about PNB Corporate Internet Banking or you may also call our Customer Service Representatives at (632) 573-8888 or email us at .

  6. Can I enroll two or more of my accounts?

    Yes. You may enroll all your accounts.

  7. Is there a fee for Phone Banking?

    Registration to PNB Phone Banking is free of charge. However, there is a corresponding tariff for doing specific transactions such as select fund transfers in a given month. All other services are free until further notice.

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Getting Started with PNB Phone Banking

  1. How do I enroll in PNB Phone Banking?

    You can enroll at any branch by filling up an "Electronic Banking Enrollment Form" and by presenting at least 1 valid IDs in order to verify your identity. Registration will be activated within 24 hours.

  2. Is there an Average Daily Balance (ADB) requirement to access Phone Banking?

    NO, there is NO ADDITIONAL ADB requirement to use our electronic facilities. In effect, usage of our electronic channels is free for you. When you decide to enroll in any and all of our electronic facilities, you will see the terms and conditions for the facility and such terms and conditions will NOT require additional ADB. Some transaction charges may apply (at a discounted rate) to ensure the best possible service to you.

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About Security

  1. How secure is Phone Banking with PNB?

    The facility requires you to enter a 6-digit Telephone PIN (TPIN) for all financial transactions to ensure that no unauthorized person(s) can access your phone banking account.

  2. Can anybody else access my accounts through the PNB Phone Banking?

    No, unless you give your TPIN out. By law, the TPIN allows us to identify you as the valid owner of the account. Please refrain from giving it out or writing it down where people could see it. For ADDITIONAL security, you may want to regularly change your TPIN.

  3. Can my access to PNB Phone Banking be blocked?

    Yes. Your access to the Phone Banking will be blocked if you provided an incorrect TPIN for three (3) consecutive times.

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Account Inquiries

  1. How can I inquire about my account balance?

    Dial 573-8PNB (573-8762), press 1 for Taglish or 2 for English, then:

    • press 1-1-1 for deposit balance inquiry
    • press 1-2 for time deposit
    • press 1-3 for global filipino card inquiry
  2. Can I use Phone Banking to inquire on my past transactions?

    Yes. You may inquire up to 3 of your latest transactions over PNB Phone Banking, to do this:

    Dial 573-8PNB (573-8762), press 1 for Taglish or 2 for English, then,

    • press 1-1-1 for balance inquiry then press 2 for last 3 transactions (for deposit accounts)
    • press 1-3 for global filipino card balance inquiry then press 2 last 3 transactions (for global filipino cards)
  3. Can I request for my statement of account over the phone?

    Yes. You may request for a copy of your previous month’s statement of account, to do this:

    Dial 573-8PNB (573-8762), press 1 for Taglish or 2 for English, then press 1-1-4. Your statement may be delivered via email which you will receive on the next banking day.

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Paying Bills

  1. How can I pay my bills through PNB Phone Banking?

    Dial 573-8PNB (573-8762), press 1 for Taglish or press 2 for English, then press 1-1-2. Bills Payment is not limited to own bills, you can pay for the bills of your relatives and friends using your account.

  2. Is there a limit on the bill amount that I can settle?

    No, you can settle any bill amount as long as your account balance is sufficient (net of uncleared funds and amount on hold).

  3. Do I need to enroll my merchant subscriber numbers in order to pay bills over the phone?

    You don’t need to enroll your merchant subscriber numbers in order to do bills payment.

  4. What bills can I pay through Phone Banking?

    The following merchants are currently available in PNB Phone Banking:

    Meralco Allied Bank/PNB Credit Cards PESO
    Manila Water (MWCI) Citibank
    Maynilad (MWSI)  
    PLDT Adamson University
    Globe Ateneo De Zamboanga
    Smart University of the East
    Innove Communications Xavier University/Ateneo De Cagayan
    Sunlife of Canada Japan PNB Leasing
    Sunlife Financial Plans Sterling Paper Products
    Loyola Plans Consolidated Inc. E-Pass Reloading
    PNB Beneficial Life Plans New San Jose Builders Inc
    St. Peter Life Plan Inc.

    Additional merchants will also be available soon. Please call our Customer Service to check on any updates by dialing our customer service number 573-8888.

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Transfer of Funds

  1. How can I transfer funds using PNB Phone Banking?

    Dial 573-8PNB (573-8762), press 1 for Taglish or press 2 for English, then press 1-1-3.

  2. Do I have to enroll the accounts I wish to transfer funds to?

    Yes. You need to enroll your target accounts in Phone Banking.

  3. Is there a Fund Transfer limit?

    No, you can transfer any amount as long as your account balance is sufficient (net of uncleared funds and amount on hold).

  4. When will the recipient receive the funds that I transferred?

    The recipient will be able to receive the funds immediately after the successful transaction of fund transfer.

  5. Can I transfer funds from my PNB account to an account maintained at another bank?

    Fund transfer service via our Phone Banking facility is currently limited among PNB accounts.

  6. Can I transfer funds from my peso account to a dollar account and vice-versa?

    At present, we only allow fund transfer transactions between two accounts of the same currency.

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Other Services Offered

  1. How long will I receive my checkbook after requesting from Phone Banking?

    You may drop by and claim the checkbooks at your maintaining branch after three (3) weeks from date of request.

  2. Can I change my Phone Banking PIN?

    Yes. For your protection, we also encourage you to change your Telephone PIN (TPIN) regularly, to do this:
    Dial 573-8PNB (573-8762), press 1 for Taglish or 2 for English, then press 1-4 to change Telephone PIN.

  3. How do I contact PNB Customer Service if I still have other inquiries or concerns for PNB Phone Banking?

    You can call our Customer Service by dialing our customer service number (632) 573-8888. You may also send us an email at .

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Problems Encountered and Actions to be Taken

  1. What will I do if I forgot my Phone Banking PIN?

    You may visit any of our PNB branch to reset your PIN.

  2. How do I unblock my access to PNB Phone Banking?

    You may visit any of our PNB branch to unlock your PNB Phone Banking. You may also call our customer service number (632) 573-8888 for assistance.

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