We offer the following services to protect your company during the course of business transactions.


    As custodian we will safekeep the vital documents and securities of your company and even perform procedural activities to protect your best interests.


    To secure your business arrangements/interests, your company and your business partners can deposit your money, securities, and vital documents with us and we can act as your escrow agent. We will look after these escrowed deposits and release them upon occurrence of specified and defined contingencies or prescribed events.

    We handle several types of escrow:
    1. POEA Escrow
    2. Japanese Escrow
    3. Real Estate Escrow
    4. BIR Escrow
    5. Others (customized Escrow)

    As Trustee between your company and your creditors to structure the security/collateral arrangements between/among yourselves as regards certain loan facilities.


    To help free up cash for your company and improve its balance sheet, we can act as the Trustee for your company’s pool of mortgages and receivables. We can assist you in designing the structure and packaging the cashflow feature of the pool backing the securities, which will be issued to the general investors in exchange for cash. You dont have to wait until your receivables are paid to obtain new funds for your business.


    Raise your company’s capital by issuing and selling bonds to the general public and Trust Banking Group can act as trustee for the bond facility. We also serve as the paying agent to service the bondholders.


    Employee Benefit Trust is a program strategically designed to answer your company’s employee benefit requirements. We utilize a holistic approach in benefits management, bearing in mind that you have a workforce with divers needs, priorities, values and drivers for work. Upon consultation with you, we will carefully craft a highly customized plan that adds value to your existing employee benfits program and ensures that your company is compliant with governing regulations and can provide benefits that are cost effective.

All funds/accounts managed by PNB Trust Banking Group (Trustee) are Trust and/or Investment Management funds which DO NOT carry any guaranty of income or principal, and are NOT covered by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC). Due to the nature of the investments, potential yield cannot be guaranteed It is also possible for the investments and their income to fluctuate as a result of prevailing market conditions. Past performance is likewise not a guarantee of future results. Any loss or income is for the account of the Trustor/s. The Trustee is not liable for losses except upon fraud, gross negligence or bad faith.