To our valued Credit Card clients,

Credit card fraud comes in many forms. For the mutual protection of the client and the Bank, we are providing you with the following tips to lessen the risk of credit card theft and fraud:

  1. Never disclose credit card information to anyone. If you receive a call, email or letter asking for your Credit Card’s Account Name, Card Number, PIN and other financial or personal information that they may need, just ignore the request and contact/visit your branch of account immediately.

    Likewise, ignore emails that ask you to click a link to verify or update your account. Forward the email to

    The Bank will not ask for such information from you via phone, e-mail or letter.

  2. Sign all your credit cards as soon as you receive them from your issuing Bank. Unsigned credit cards may fall into the hands of people who could use their own signatures to purchase goods and services.

  3. Secure credit card PINs. As a safety measure, never write your PIN on anything where it can be easily seen. Do not disclose your PIN to anybody, including friends and relatives. Your card is your personal property and responsibility.

  4. Do not visit suspicious sites. Never go to sites that tell you to confirm or update your credit card information such as card name, card number, credit limit, PIN, birthday, CVV number, etc. The Bank will never ask for such information.

  5. Do not leave your credit card and related documents like statements of account and transaction receipts in an unsecure place. Consider shredding expired or cancelled cards as well as sensitive documents like statements and charge slips instead of simply throwing them away. Some people may go through the garbage to find this information.

  6. Notify the bank in advance of a change in address. If you will change your billing address (home, office, etc.), notify your credit card issuer in advance.

  7. Open/read billing statements promptly and reconcile card amounts each month. Checking your monthly statement is one of the most powerful tools against credit card fraud. Even though your card is not stolen, you can still be charged for unauthorized transactions, if you do not identify and report these to your issuing bank.

  8. Do not let other people use your card. If card is lost or stolen, report the incident immediately to us by calling (+632) 8818-9-818 or our Toll Free Number at 1800 10 818 9818.

  9. Check your card’s expiry date. If a replacement card has not arrived at least one week before your current card expires, contact the issuer to find out why.

  10. For more security tips/advisories, view our Online Banking Safety Reminders.

    Thank you.

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