Don’t be a Victim of ATM Theft with PNB’s ATMSafe

With the recent news of widespread ATM scams across the country, securing your ATM card has never been this necessary. As reported by various media outlets, hundreds of millions of pesos have already been lost in cases of card skimming or the duplications of cards and acquisition of Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) of unsuspecting ATM cardholders.

Skimming is usually done by placing a device that reads a cardholder’s information over the ATM card slot. This device is often paired with a hidden miniature camera that reads the user’s PIN. Once the card has been skimmed, the perpetrators can now create a fake ATM card and make unauthorized withdrawals and transactions on the cardholder’s account.

The Philippine National Bank (PNB), in partnership with the Global Benefits Group (GBG), PNB General Insurance Co., Inc. (PNB Gen) and Allied Bankers Insurance Corp. (ABIC), has come up with a viable solution to this rampant dilemma. ATMSafe is PNB’s answer to the country’s mounting ATM theft problem. This innovative insurance product is the first in the Philippines that secures and protects ATM cardholders and their accounts.

For only Php 12.00 per month, ATMSafe replaces money stolen from a cardholder’s account as a result of skimming or any of the other forms of ATM theft scams. ATMSafe also ensures the safety of PNB ATM cardholders as it restores money stolen during an ATM robbery – up to Php 50,000 for a maximum of three (3) incidents per year.

As part of its campaign, PNB has launched the Panalo ang Protektado promo that entitles customers with raffle points earned per enrollment in the Bank’s ATMSafe program from September 1 to November 30, 2014. Four (4) lucky winners will receive a brand new Yamaha Fino Classic Motorcycle (one each for NCR, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao), three (3) winners will receive an iPad Mini 16GB WiFi, ten (10) winners will receive Nokia Lumia 520 phones, and fifty (50) winners will receive Php 300 worth of Sodexo Gift Certificates. The winners will be electronically drawn on December 14, 2014.

Open a PNB ATM Account today and avail of PNB’s ATMSafe by visiting any PNB branch near you. You can also avail of this revolutionary program via selected PNB ATM terminals nationwide. For more details about ATMSafe and the promo, log on to or call the PNB Customer Care at 573-8888.

With ATMSafe, you won’t be a victim anymore. Stay safe, be ATMSafe.

ATMSafe was recently bestowed the Best in Innovation Award by the Philippine Insurers and Reinsurance Association, Inc. (PIRA).

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