Global Trade Center

Secure your export and import prerequisites, when you need it. PNB provides assistance to clients regarding their international trade needs – from letters of credit and documentary collections to trade finance (export and import) and foreign exchange requirements. At the same time, we keep clients informed on international procedures as well as local regulatory requirements. With our competent products and services, we guarantee seamless result delivery whenever needed.

Choose From A Broad Spectrum Of PNB’s Export And Import Products And Services That can help Facilitate your Transactions:

Export Services

  • Advising of Letters of Credit
  • Confirmation of Letters of Credit
  • Export Financing:
    • Pre-Shipment Export Financing
    • Post Shipment Financing

Import Services

  • Issuance and negotiation of Letters of Credit (Foreign/Domestic)
  • Issuance of Shipside Bonds (Shipping Guarantee)
  • Trust Receipt Financing
  • Servicing of Importations and Sale of Foreign Exchange (FX) for Trade in USD and major third(3rd) currencies including RMB/Chinese Yuan (NEW)
    • Letters of Credit (LC)
    • Collection Documents – DP, DA, OA
    • Direct Remittance- (DR)
    • Advance Payment
  • Forward Contracts for future Import Payments
  • Servicing of Collection and Payment of Advance and Final Customs Duties for all ports in the Philippines covered under the E2M project of Bureau of Customs (BOC) Project Abstract Secure (PAS5) (NEW)

Special Financing Services

  • BSP E-Rediscounting Facility for Export and Import Transactions
  • Issuance of Standby Letters of Credit to serve the following bank guarantee requirements:
    • Loan Repayment Guarantee
    • Advance Payment Bonds
    • Bid Bonds
    • Performance Bonds
    • Other Bonds
  • Issuance of Standby Letters of Credit under PNB’s “Own a Philippine Home Loan Program”
  • Issuance and Servicing of Deferred Letters of Credit as mode of payment for:
    • Importation or Local Purchase of Capital Goods
    • Services Rendered ( e.g, Construction/Installation of Infrastructure Projects, etc.)


Ms. Jazmin F. Lao
FVP and Head, Trade Sales Division, Ecosystem Group
Direct Line: (+632) 5734019
Trunk Line: (+632) 5263131 to 70; (+632) 8916040 to 70
Locals: 2118, 4019, 4054

Ms. Rhodora B. Villanueva
SAVP and Head, Export/Import Division
Direct Line: (+632) 5734362
Trunk Line: (+632) 5263131 to 70; (+632) 8916020 to 50
Locals: 2428, 4361, 4362, 4364
Fax No.: (+632) 8931589

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