PNB brings “You First” beyond banking


“For more than a century now, PNB has been a loyal financial partner of Filipinos – both on a local and global scale,” he says. “Our partnership with our customers goes beyond banking. We create value in everything we do. I envision PNB as a dependable growth partner of Filipinos and their communities. This is very much anchored on our brand promise of serving ‘You First’”.

Veloso emphasizes that being proactive is a must when it comes to driving the CSR strategy. “In sales, we go out to find more customers. With CSR, the same principle works. We need to go out of our way to search for opportunities where we can serve and make a difference.”

The veteran banker shares how PNB is taking steps to further drive CSR as a vital part in its roadmap for the business. “CSR is not new to PNB. For years now, service has been a part of our corporate DNA. Our extensive nationwide branch network plays an important role in helping the Bank reach out to communities.

“Now that we’re in our 103rd year, we aim to expand our reach and make more impact. We have a dedicated team to ensure that CSR initiatives done by the various business units are aligned to our core values and support our business agenda. We are always working on improving policies and procedures to integrate social, environmental, ethical, and consumer welfare into our business strategy, in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.”

PNB’s chief executive acknowledges the role employees play in the implementation of projects. “CSR is an opportunity to foster employee engagement by encouraging volunteerism. Employees are stakeholders of the bank, and we would like them to develop a deep sense of ownership of our business. As a financial institution, we are not just providing financial solutions. We also harness our people assets and give employees a channel by which they can create a positive impact on society.”

Veloso zeroes in on the main pillars on which PNB’s CSR initiatives are grounded. “We are looking at giving special focus on financial literacy as part our commitment to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ mandate; livelihood as our way of empowering Filipinos to become self-sustaining; and environment to help preserve our planet.”

Integral to the success of any CSR program is having close collaboration with local government units (LGUs). Veloso says, “Collaboration with stakeholders is crucial to CSR’s success, so we are forging partnerships with LGUs.

“For the long-term, our goal is to help the country achieve sustainability, one step at a time,” says Veloso. “We are committed to be the country’s partner in nation-building. That has been our legacy for more than a century and we want that legacy to live on for future generations.”

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