PNB Connect is our brand of comprehensive, end-to-end financial solution tailor-fit to address your business’ unique financial needs.

With today’s constantly evolving marketplace, it is essential for companies to adapt to the complexities of running a profitable business. PNB is here to serve You First, as your partner in providing customized financial solutions that will help you generate capital, maintain liquidity, facilitate transactional efficiency, mitigate risk, and promote expansion.

We understand that growing a business is hard work. It is an intricate balance of building relationships with your suppliers and solidifying your commitment to your customers. We offer a century’s worth of banking experience and suite of financial services to support you and your ambitions. PNB Connect goes further by engaging your network and developing solutions that promote growth in your professional and social communities. Let PNB Connect be the link that secures your place in the ever-changing web of business.

PNB Connect brings together your bank, your company, your suppliers, and your customers by creating sustainable financial solutions that will propel your business to the next level. With PNB Connect, together we make your business work.

Let us discuss your business goals and customize a financial plan that will help you achieve them. E-mail us today at