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Standard Business Loan Application Form (SBLAF)
Download, fill out, and submit to the nearest PNB Branch
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Disclaimer: “The Business Loan Application Form, including its contents and disclaimer therein, is based on requirements
provided and required by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)under its Circular No. 1156 Series of 2022 or the Guidelines on
the Adoption of the Standard Business Loan Application Form (SBLAF)”

Email inquiries are limited to banking hours from 8:00AM to 5:00PM, Mondays to Fridays, except holidays.

Whether your business demands quick cash to cover its expenses, or whether you need long term credit to buy new equipment or finance your expansion, we offer you many attractive and easy loan options.

For project financing and capital expenditures

  1. Medium-term Loan: maturity over a year but not exceeding five years.
  2. Long-Term Loans:maturity more than five years


Loans which finance income-producing assets such as construction projects and acquisition of equipment, which are structured in a way that repayment of the loan depends principally on the cash flow generated by the asset, rather than the credit quality of the borrower in a regular corporate exposure.


  1. Revolving Credit Line (RCL)
    • For financing of inventory, receivables, or other working capital requirements.
    • Available by Promissory Notes (PNs) of up to 360 days
    • Also available against post-dated checks and/or REM
  2. Domestic Bills Purchase Line
    • Convert your customer’s checks and bank drafts into cash.
    • You may purchase your customer’s checks, drafts, and other negotiable Peso instruments.

Solution for Import and Export related transactions

  1. Trade Services
    • Letters of Credit (L/Cs)
    • Non L/Cs
    • Standby Letters of Credit (SBLCs)
    • Collection of Custom Duties and Taxes (PAS6)
  2. Trade Finance
    • Trust Receipt (TR)
    • Export Advance Lines (Pre-shipment financing)
    • Export Bills/Draft Purchased Lines (Post-shipment financing)

For more information, please visit Global Trade Center.


Interest rate for business loans ranges from 7% to 10%
  1. Subject to the prevailing market rates and overall evaluation and assessment.


  1. Business Loans Standard Fees
    Appraisal Fee PHP3,300.00
    Registry of Deeds* Ranges from PHP50 up to PHP6,320.00
    Land Transportation Office* Ranges from PHP500 up to PHP5,520
    Late Payment Fee Peso Loans: Up to 24% p.a
    FX Loans: Up to 12% p.a.

  2. Subject to appraisal fees, registration fees, LTO Fees, and late payment fees as applicable.

  3. Trade Standard Fees
    Commission 1/4 of 1% per mo. or fraction thereof, minimum of Php3,000.00
    Commitment Fee 1/4 of 1% per mo. or fraction thereof, minimum of Php3,000.00
    Cable Fee Php1,100.00
    Commission in lieu of FX 1/2 of 1%, minimum of Php1,500.00
    Booking/Service Fee Php1,100.00
    BOC Processing Fee Php300.00
    PAS6 Enrollment Fee Php100.00
    Shipping Guarantee Php550.00 (inclusive of DST)
    DST (as applicable) Php0.60 for every P200.00

  4. Subject to prevailing market rates and overall evaluation and assessment.



  1. Sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or cooperative.
  2. At least three (3) years in profitable operation
  3. Registered business with SEC, DTI, and CDA
  4. Business is within PNB serviceable area

  5. Subject to additional requirements depending on type of facility


    How can I apply? Online application form (SBLAF) can be downloaded through links provided in this page.
    How much can I borrow? Varies depending on type of facility and overall assessment.
    How will I receive loan proceeds? Loan proceeds will be deposited to the borrower’s deposit account.
    What are the modes of payment? Modes of payment include debit account, cash payment, and fund transfer.
    Are the fields in SBLAF mandatory? There must be no blank fields. Client should put N/A for items that are not applicable. Please refer to the sample SBLAF with details on which fields are mandatory or not.
    Are all documents listed in the checklist of supporting documents mandatory? The supporting documents listed in the SBLAFs shall not be construed as standard requirements for loan applications. The list shall serve as guide for borrowers who may provide only the pertinent documents to their loan application.
    Is the SBLAF for new loan applications only? No. Per BSP Circular 1156, “Covered entities shall use the SBLAF templates for new covered loan applications, additional loans and renewal and restructuring of existing loans. In case of loan renewal and/or restructuring, covered entities may indicate in their lending guidelines that borrowers may only provide updates on their personal information and/or business profile, as applicable, otherwise, borrowers may indicate “no updates from previous submission.”
    How much is the loan amount that the MSME client can apply for? The approved loan amount depends on the business operation’s needs, type of loan and will be determined after a thorough evaluation of your application in accordance with our existing credit policies. We are committed to provide our clients with the financing tailor-fitted for your business needs. It’s important to note that all loan proceeds must be used exclusively for busines purposes to ensure compliance with our lending guidelines.

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