Business Loans

Whether your business demands quick cash to cover its expenses, or whether you need long term credit to buy new equipment or finance your expansion, we offer you many attractive and easy loan options.


  1. Long-Term Loans
    • For project financing
    • Expansion/modernization of facilities or acquisition of capital goods or services
    • Loan maturities range from 2 to 7 years
  2. Short-Term Loans
    • To finance working capital requirements
    • Acquisition of raw materials, supplies, etc.
    • Repayment within one year


These loans from government financial institutions aim to help startup projects, expansion projects, rehabilitation and relocation projects. Some loans can have maturities as long as 20 years.


  1. Revolving Credit Line (RCL)
    • Used to augment operating and working capital requirements
    • Available by promissory notes (PNs) of up to 360 days
  2. Omnibus Line
    • A multi-purpose loan you can avail of yourself, depending on your credit requirements
    • For example, you can combine Export Advance Line, LC/TR Line, RCL, etc.
  3. Peso/FX Convertible Credit Line
    • Exclusive to foreign exchange earners, such as exporters or producers
    • Used to finance short-term requirements
    • Option to withdraw in pesos or in US dollars, depending on what you require
  4. Discounting Line
    • You can quickly convert your customers’ postdated checks into cash
    • Eligible to those whose businesses normally accept postdated check payments
  5. Domestic Bills Purchased Line
    • Convert your checks and bank drafts into cash
    • We may purchase your checks, drafts, Treasury Warrants, and other negotiable peso instruments.


  • Trade Services
  • Letters of Credit (L/Cs)
  • Documentary Collections under Open Account, Documents against Acceptance/Payment
  • Guarantees in the form of Standby L/Cs
  • Collection of Custom Duties and Taxes
  • Advisory Services
  • Trade Finance
    • Import Financing thru LC/TR Lines
    • Export Financing thru Export Advance Lines (pre-shipment financing), or Export Bills/Drafts Purchased Lines (post-shipment financing)
  • Structured Trade Finance
    • Export-Import Bank of United States’ (US-EXIM) Guarantee Program
    • Export Credit Agency (ECA) Lines


  • Sugar Crop Production Line – A credit facility that is available to eligible sugar planters
  • Sugar Quedan Financing Line – A credit facility against acceptable raw/refined sugar quedans available to both sugar millers and traders
  • Operational Loan – To finance the working capital and/or CAPEX requirements of sugar mills
  • Time Loan – For long-term capex of sugar mills
  • Time Loan Agricultural – To finance other sugar production requirements such as purchase or repairs of equipment, repair of farm roads, and construction of farm houses


  • Eligible Borrowers: Local governments of provinces, cities and municipalities
  • Eligible Projects:
    • Revenue generating or cost saving projects
    • Projects with significant socio-economic impact on the community such as public market, infrastructure, machinery and equipment, etc.


  • To finance business expenditures or expansion
  • Eligible borrowers: those engaged in light manufacturing, processing, services and retail/wholesale trade
  • Favorable track record/experience and credit standing for the past three (3) years
  • Minimum of P1.0 Million up to P10 Million loanable amount
  • Term Loans (TL) and Domestic Bills Purchase Line (DBPL)
  • Minimum tenor of one (1) year to maximum of five (5) years

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