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PNB New York Phone Remittance

Sending money to your loved ones in the Philippines is now just a phone call away! Start remitting today through your trusted Filipino Bank in the US by dialing 1-855-762-7628 (1-855-PNB-PNB8). Approved funds* to be remitted through Phone Remittance Service will be received through the following payout options:
Credit to a PNB account: Real-time
Credit to other Banks: 3 Banking Days
Advise and Pay: 1 Banking Day
Cash door-to-door: 3-7 Days
*Important Note:

As its safeguard measure against fraudulent claims, PNB New York is implementing a 5-day holding period (banking days and excluding US holidays) for cleared funds. The crediting schedule applies upon completion of the said holding period.

What are the Requirements to Send through Phone Remittance Service

  • Should be an existing client/remitter of PNB New York Branch (Manhattan or Queens)
  • Should maintain an active and verifiable bank account in the US
Note: For first-time remitters, please visit PNB New York branch for a one-time registration requirement. Alternatively, you can also submit request via Mail-In Remittance.

How to Send Money through Phone Remittance Service

  1. Call 1-855-762-7628 (1-855-PNB-PNB8)
  2. Pass the phone call verification process
  3. Make a transaction

Frequently Asked Questions

It is PNB New York’s remittance service that enables existing remitters/clients to send money by calling a toll-free number 1-855-762-7628 (1-855-PNB-PNB8).
Number to call is 1-855-762-7628 (1-855-PNB-PNB8).
The service allows you to send remittance by instructing our Customer Service Representative to debit your US Savings/Checking and remit your desired amount to your beneficiary through the remittance mode you have specified.
You can send through any of the following: Credit to a PNB account, Credit to another bank account in the Philippines, Door to door delivery and Cash pickup.
It depends on the remittance mode you have chosen. If you choose to send to a PNB bank account, remittance will be sent to your beneficiary’s account instantly. If via cash pick up, remittance will be available, or for pick up at any PNB branch, after one (1) banking day. If you choose credit to other banks, your remittance will be sent to the beneficiary account within one (1) to three (3) banking days. For door-to-door remittance will be sent within three (3) to seven (7) banking days depending on the location/address of your beneficiary.
Important note: Crediting of funds to beneficiary accounts takes place upon clearing of funds and completion of the 5-day-holding period.
Just call 1-855-762-7628 (1-855-PNB-PNB8) and provide your personal information as asked by our customer service representative. After which, you will already be considered enrolled to the phone remit service.
Yes. PNB New York’s Phone Remittance is available in all 50 states and Washington D.C.
Yes. Limit per day is USD500.00
Full disclosure:
$500 per transaction
$500 per day
$1,000 (3-day aggregation)
$2,000 (30-day aggregation)
Service charge starts at USD4.00. See full schedule of fees here.
For first-time remitters, please visit PNB New York branch for a one-time registration requirement. Alternatively, you can also submit request via Mail-In Remittance.
As a banking institution, we are required by Federal Banking Regulations to safeguard our customer’s personal information. To know more about as to how we protect your information, please see our Privacy Policy.
Yes. PNB New York Phone Remittance is available 24 hours daily from Mondays through Fridays, except during US holidays.

Customer Care

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