PNB Tokyo is happy to assist you in your remittance needs worldwide!

"Mga sagot sa mga kadalasang tanong." Please feel free to call us if you can't find an answer to your question(s) here.

  1. Do I need to register to send remittance to the Philippines?

    YES, registration is required by mail (only). Just fill-out the “Remittance Membership Registration and/or Application for Remittance Declaration Form” (RMR) and submit together with your:

    1. Residence Card Front & Back copy OR
    2. Alien Registration Card Front and back copy
      ACR is accepted only for the period where being deemed equivalent to RCD

    For Japanese Nationals, submit (RMR) together with Driver’s License/ Health Insurance Front & Back copy or Passport copy of Front & Last page.

  2. How much is the remittance charge? Is there a limit on how much I can send?

    Remittance charge is JPY2,000 regardless of the amount and JPY2,500 for Door-to-Door delivery (2-3 working days. Funds are delivered in Peso only maximum of PHP100,000. To know the serviceable areas for Door-to-Door, please call our Customer Support Center at 03-6858-5910 / 0120-866382 or 080-37244544.)

    There is no limit on how much you can send. However, for the first time your remittance exceeds JPY 100,000; PNB Tokyo will request for your “Remittance Membership Registration and/or Application for Remittance Declaration Form” (RMR) and a copy of your Valid ID.

    For remittances of JPY1.0 million and above, kindly submit proof of source of funds and purpose of remittance to avoid possible delay.

  3. How can I send my remittance to PNB Tokyo?

    For first-time remitters, you can send your remittance through:

    1. Walk-IN
      Visit PNB Tokyo Branch at:
      • Mita43MT Bldg. 1F, 3-13-16 Mita, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, 108-0073
      • Nearest station:
        Tamachi on JR Line
        Mita on Asakusa and Mita Line
      (Monday to Friday: 9:00-15:00, Sunday: 10:00-15:00, closed every Saturday & Japanese National Holiday [Red Calendar])
    2. Bank Transfer (Ginko Furikomi)
      Bank Name: Mizuho Bank
      Branch: Kamiyacho
      Account Number (Regular/Futsuu): 2467369
      Account Name: Philippine National Bank- Tokyo Branch

      You can go to any local Japanese Bank to do bank transfer (Ginko Furikomi) and can be done using your Cash Card thru ATM or Over-the-Counter. Every time you make a transfer, you must call PNB for your remittance instruction by giving your beneficiary’s name and the amount you have transferred.

    3. Post Office (Genkin Kakitome/Cash Envelope)
      Enclose cash and “Remittance Membership Registration and/or Application for Remittance Declaration Form” (RMR) inside the envelope together with a copy of your valid ID.
      *Valid IDs:
      Filipinos/Foreigners- Residence Card (Front & Back copy) Japanese- Passport; Front & Last Page copy, Japanese Driver’s License or Health Insurance Front & Back copy.
  4. How can I know the rate for the day?

    Outgoing Remittance rates for the day are available around 10:30-11:00AM and the rates change on a daily basis. It is highly recommended that you make use of our Automatic Reply System thru your Cellular phone for easy access to our Outgoing Remittance Rates.

    Telephone Numbers: 03-6858-5940 / 03-5401-5950
    Cell phone/PC (E-mail): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    (Send an empty message box. Automatic reply will be sent to you with the day’s Outgoing Remittance rates.

  5. When will my beneficiary receive my remittance?
    • Rapid Remit (to PNB Online Accounts)
      If you transfer money by bank transfer “Ginko Furikomi” and your money and instruction are received by PNB Japan by 3pm, your beneficiary in the Philippines will receive your remittance on the same day.
      If you transfer money through Post Office Money Envelope “Genkin Kakitome,” PNB will receive your envelope in 1 or 2 working days and on the same day of receipt, your funds will be credited to your beneficiary’s account in the Philippines.
      It is important to note that if there are any changes in your personal information like change of address, name, visa status and Alien/Residence Card validity, to immediately submit proof of the changes to avoid delays in your remittances.
    • PNB to Other Banks
      Funds will be transferred to payee bank the following banking day.
      *Other banks may also subtract their charges from the proceeds.
    • Door-to-Door
      To Metro Manila area, funds will be delivered to your beneficiary 24hrs. To Provincial areas, funds will be delivered 2 to 3 working days.
      *Note: Funds to be delivered are in Peso only and with applicable taxes/back-end charges.
  6. Can I send remittance to the Philippines even if my beneficiary does not have a PNB account?

    YES. There is no need for your beneficiaries to visit a PNB Branch to open an account. PNB Tokyo can assist opening of Account (Global Filipino ATM Card or OFW Savings Account) for your beneficiaries in the Philippines for free! Just fill out the application form and submit to PNB Tokyo on the day you will send your remittance. On the same day, your beneficiary can already claim their ATM Card or Savings Account at their nearest PNB Branch by simply presenting 1 Valid ID. After a few hours of ATM Card activation, remittance can already be withdrawn. For OFW Savings Account, initial withdrawal can be done Over-the-Counter.

  7. What is Global Filipino Money Card (GFC)?

    The Global Filipino Card is a reloadable ATM card with the following features:

    • No need to open an account
    • No deposit requirement and maintaining balance
    • Purchase Card : Can be used at PayLink Point-of-Sale Terminals
    • 24/7 ATM Access through PNB, MegaLink & BancNet terminals nationwide
      Beneficiaries will receive text alerts when remittances are loaded in the card.
    • Maximum Withdrawal of PHP40,000/day and PHP100,000/month.

    * This card can only be funded from overseas. Therefore, deposit from the Philippines is not possible. Maximum remittance per month is Php100,000.

  8. What is an OFW Savings Account?
    • Zero opening and maintaining balance
    • Earn interest for balances of P5,000 or $500 & up
    • 24/7 ATM access thru PNB, MegaLink, BancNet and ExpressNet ATMs nationwide
    • Initial withdrawal can be done Over-the-Counter
    • No limit for withdrawals; for large amounts can be done via Over-the-Counter
  9. How long does processing take and how will I know if my remittance has been processed already?

    Processing of remittances is on a First Come-First served basis thus PNB Tokyo can not commit the exact time. Processing will also depend on what time PNB Japan receives your funds, your remittance instruction and if all the necessary remittance details have been provided. Incomplete remittance information and deficiencies in IDs will cause delay in your remittances.

    It is important to note that if there are any changes in your personal information like change of address, name, visa status and Alien/ Residence Card validity to immediately submit proof of the changes to avoid delays in your remittances.

  10. Do I always have to give my remittance instruction every bank transfer?

    YES. Remittance Instructions must be provided. You may call, e-mail or fax your instruction. Online e-mail instruction is also acceptable through our website (Please note that this is only for registered existing beneficiaries)

    If this will be an inconvenience to you, apply for Virtual Access or Postal Link for an automatic processing of your remittance.
    *Application is required by mail.

  11. What is Virtual Access?

    Virtual Access is a convenient way to send your remittance from your place to PNB Tokyo. A unique Virtual Account number at Mizuho Bank will be assigned exclusively for you and your pre-registered beneficiary’s account. If you have more than 1 beneficiary, you need to apply each beneficiary a Virtual Access Account Number.

    A confirmation letter from PNB Tokyo Branch will be mailed to your registered address, normally after 5 working days upon receipt of your application.

    Remittances before cut-off time of 3pm thru Virtual Access account number will be processed the same day without having to call-in your instruction.

  12. What is Postal Link?

    Postal Link is a cheaper way to send your remittance from your place to PNB Tokyo without the use of Genkin Kakitome. A Postal Link Card will be mailed to your registered address, normally after 5 working days upon receipt of your application.

    Postal Link card links your fund transfer by Japan Post Bank ATM/Over-the-Counter to PNB Tokyo’s Remittance System and then to your pre-registered beneficiary’s account in the Philippines. First five (5) applications are Free. If you have more than 5 beneficiaries, you can apply for another Postal Link Card but with JPY500 charge for every succeeding application.

    Funds transfers at Japan Post Bank, completed from 8:00 AM to 11:30 AM shall be processed after 3:00 PM on the same banking day (Same-day implementation). Funds transfers completed after 11:30 AM cut-off time until 7:00 PM or at the latest hour of 9:00 PM, shall be processed on the next banking day (Next banking-day implementation).

  13. Can I open a peso account which I can use in the Philippines even if I'm here in Japan?

    YES. You can do so only by personal application at PNB Tokyo or Nagoya Sub-Branch. Just bring your Passport, Residence Card and 2pcs. of 1x1 picture together with the initial deposit in Yen equivalent to PHP10,000.

  14. Can I send YEN-TO-YEN Remittance?

    Yes, but limited to JPY accounts maintained at PNB domestic branches.