PNB Tokyo is happy to assist you in your remittance needs worldwide!

Virtual Access via ATM (Convenience Store)

How to Avail:

  1. Register by submitting the completely filled-out application form to PNB Tokyo or PNB Nagoya
  2. Wait and take note of your Virtual Access
  3. Go to your nearest convenience and Remit to your loved ones in the Philippines

How to Remit via ATM (Convenience Store)

  1. Insert your bank cash card (ATM card)
  2. Press 振込 (Furikomi button).
  3. Press 確認 to confirm domestic charges and date.
  4. Enter your bank ATM card PIN code.
  5. Enter the Amount 振込金額 to be remitted.
    Then Press 確認 (Confirm button).
  6. Select 銀行 and Press ミ for みずほ銀行 (Mizuho bank).
  7. Select Mizuho Branch
    (Virtual Access account has its own corresponding branch).
    • コ for 五号 (Go go branch)
    • シ for 十六号 (Juroku go branch)
    • シ for 十四号 (Juyon go branch)
    • サ for 三号 (San go branch)
    • ナ for 七号 (Nana go branch)
    *Press 次の候補 to see listing of branches.
  8. Press 普通 (Futsu) for Regular Savings Account.
  9. Enter the 7-digit Virtual Access account number.
  10. 口座番号 *******
  11. Confirm: Bank Name, Branch, Account Number, Account Name and press 確認 (Confirm button).
  12. • Remitter’s Name should be the same as the Sender's Name 依頼人名

Remittance Amount Remittance Fee
JPY 1—JPY 30,000 JPY 750
JPY 30,001—JPY 1,000,000 JPY 1,500


  • Subject to domestic bank transfer fee.
  • Cheaper domestic transfer fee, if using a Mizuho ATM Cash Card.