We offer these exciting investment opportunities that can help you grow your money.

Dollar-denominated Republic of the Philippines (ROP) and Philippine Corporate Bonds
Invest in debt securities issued by the Philippine government, or big companies, and earn.

Peso Treasury Bills (T-Bills)
You can buy these short-term (up to 1 year) debt securities issued by the Philippine government and earn interest on a discounted basis.

Peso Treasury Bonds
You can buy these medium to long-term bonds and earn regular coupon (interest) every quarter or semester.

Wealth Multiplier
Keep your money in this interest-earning special account, where the monthly interest is deposited to a savings account.

PNBig Savings Account
This is a special savings account that lets you earn interest today on the interest you earned yesterday.

Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF)
Enjoy the enormous benefits of investing in a pooled fund with our wide range of investment fund solutions for you.

Personal Trust Account
If you would like to set aside money/funds for the future of your children or other beneficiaries, but you do not know how to make the fund grow, then we can help set it up and manage it for you.

Investment Management Account
We offer professional fund management for individuals and corporations who/which do not have the time nor the expertise to manage their funds. Our experienced portfolio manager will design a specific investment portfolio and strategy for you to help you achieve your financial goals and objectives.

Wealth Management
Wealth Management is an advisory/consultancy service that provides you with a comprehensive approach to financial planning. This service is designed to cater to you and your family’s financial requirements such as enhancement, protection and distribution of wealth to your heirs. Your extensive financial plan shall cover, among others, recommendation on the management of your liquid funds, reduction of your tax amount dues within the bounds of governing tax laws, and plans to ensure maintenance of your lifestyle and an orderly management and distribution of your estate.

Estate Planning
We will advise you on how to manage your finances and business affairs so you and your loved ones can live in comfort and security.

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