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  • Policy on Cooperation with Electronic Settlement Operators

    Philippine National Bank Japan Branch (PNB Japan Branch) continuously develops and innovates products and services in response to the needs of the Bank's customers and technological advancement. The Bank may expand its services to other banks, agents, and third-party payment/ settlement providers covered by signed Memorandum of Agreement.

    PNB Japan Branch shall strive to enhance its systems including those for what are called "Account Information Service Providers (AISPs)" or "Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs)", collectively called "Electronic Settlement Operators".

    PNB Japan Branch commits to Inform its customers of any new product or service including that for API (Application Programming Interface) via the various channels available, such as websites, social media, mail, text alerts and branch advisories.

    February 28, 2018

    Representative in Japan

    Philippine National Bank


    As part of our efforts to serve you better, please be informed that PNB introduces new Core Banking System which enables an enhanced banking experience as you will be able to access our products and services more conveniently and it also strengthens the security of your account/s.

    We plan the transition to new system in May 2018, which will be seamless to all valued customers. Only change will be account number/s for customers who have Saving/Time Deposit account with us. We will inform you a new account number as soon as it’s available but old account number could also be used until May 2019.

    Should you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact PNB Japan Customer Support Desk at 0120-866-352 or email to Customercare@pnbtokyo.co.jp

    Thank you for banking with PNB.

  • Requirements with regard to “My Number” System

    Thank you for banking with Philippine National Bank (PNB) Japan. Please be informed that the “Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures” or the so-called “My Number Act”, “Act on Submission of Statement of Wire Transfer for Purpose of Securing Domestic Taxation” and its related regulations have been enforced effective January 1, 2016. In compliance with these regulations, you are hereby requested to present to the bank your My Number Card (MNC) or My Number Notification Card (MNNC) when you remit your money outside Japan from the enforcement date. Please also be advised that you need to present your My Number Notification Card (MNNC) together with any of your valid IDs showing your photo in case that you have not received your My Number Card yet. Please submit a copy by fax, email or through post mail. We kindly ask for your full cooperation and compliance to avoid any delay on your remittances and other transactions with us. We thank you for your usual support and kind understanding. For further details, please refer to the government home page as shown in the following site operated by the Cabinet Secretariat of the Government of Japan: http://www.cas.go.jp/jp/seisaku/bangoseido/english.html for English


    To our Valued Clients,

    Enjoy real-time posting of your contributions to your SSS records. Simply present a valid PRN (payment reference number) when making contribution payments.

    Please visit www.pnb.com.ph/obps-sss for more information on the SSS payment process.

    Thank you.

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