Lean on the Bank that connects You First

For over a decade, we have been at the forefront of enriching the lives of the Filipinos by providing smart and secure financial tools and solutions. Through over 600 local and 70 international branches and offices, we have expanded our reach to serve #YouFirst whatever your lifestyle is.

Service Culture
We mobilize and maintain a strong service culture through immersive communications to manage our customers’ expectations. We deliver consistent results across all channels which makes us adaptable to the needs and preferences of a diverse clientele.

Smart and Personalized Solutions
Our in-depth understanding of our customers helps us develop more products and services that yield convenient banking. We service dynamic generations with varying financial needs. From starting your savings account, making sound investments, launching and growing your own business, owning your dream home or car, sending money from abroad, ticking off your bucket list, and preparing for your retirement plan, PNB has you covered.

Secure and Connected
We value the trust of our customers by making security our top priority. We weave a sustainable future of tailor-fit solutions to better connect with Filipinos everywhere in the world.

Connect with the bank you can lean on, visit the nearest PNB Branch today!