Be Smarter than a Hacker

In a world full of uncertainties, you have to keep in mind that your security in any form should not be taken lightly. Outsmart the hackers by remembering the tips below:

Secure your password

Setting up passwords is not a new concept especially if you have multiple online accounts, from social media to your PNB online banking. It’s also a given fact that your password is one of the crucial parts in any of your accounts as it serves as a key for you to access your profiles, data, and funds. To help you secure your hard-earned money, here are some simple ways to secure your password:
  • Change passwords regularly
  • Do not re-use your other passwords on your PNB Digital Banking account
  • Aside from your password, set-up the biometrics/Touch ID login feature
  • Use a password manager to track all accounts and login credentials (make sure that only YOU have access to this)

Monitor your accounts regularly and look out for suspicious activity

Fraudsters often make a single small purchase on your account to test if it will be noticed before making any large purchases. By checking your account balances and transaction history on a regular basis, you can easily detect any suspicious activity going on with your account. Report unauthorized or suspicious transactions to PNB immediately.

Use only devices and networks you trust

As much as possible, use only your personal laptop or mobile phone when accessing your account and performing your Internet Banking transactions. Avoid using public WiFi networks when using internet banking. Remember to always log out of your account and clear your browsing data/cache in any of the devices that you use to remove any opportunities for hacking of your data.

Keep your account confidential

Protecting your personal information can help reduce the risk of an account take over. Keep your information secure offline and online. Lock any sensitive documents. Unless you are sure that you are dealing with a reputable company, don’t share personal information. Some information, like your PIN, is something PNB will never ask you to disclose. If you get a call or email from the “bank” asking for sensitive information, call PNB to check if it was really authorized by the bank. Shred mail containing account information and other important documents before throwing them in the trash.

Contact us immediately if you have account concerns

Change your PIN and contact your bank immediately if you noticed any unauthorized transaction and if you think your account has been compromised. Make sure to update your contact details with your bank so that they will be able to send you updates and advisories about your account.

If you think your PNB account has been compromised, you may report it directly to PNB Customer Hotline (02) 8 573 8888, so that your account can be blocked for your protection.

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